Sweet Potato Pie

This pie y’all. Sweet potato pie is my absolute favorite. It’s the one that my mom makes especially for me every year. My brothers are all about the chocolate cream pie, the cherry, and the pecan, but for me, it’s not Thanksgiving without a Sweet Potato Pie. Warmly spiced and sturdy enough to hold up…

Bacon Wrapped Brussels Sprouts

Introducing: your new favorite way to eat Brussels sprouts. I barely had time to take pictures before my husband and I ate all of these little gems. The bacon gets perfectly crispy, the Brussels sprout gets soft with a few crackling leaves poking out, and the tangy dipping sauce ties this dish together. Need I…


A delicious French Acadian meat pie sure to please your in-laws.

Gluten Free Fried Shrimp

I believe I have gushed about my love of gulf shrimp in a previous post, so I will not bore you with a second account of why and how much I love my favorite protein. Suffice to say, I try to work shrimp into our meal plan as often as my family will let me….